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Medicine info

Patients and members of the public can obtain further information about their medicines by ringing NHS 111 or by following this link.

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Our Vision

The role of the pharmacy department is the timely provision of safe, effective and appropriate medicinal products to patients combined with increasing the knowledge and understanding of medicines in both the public and other healthcare professionals.

Medicine Information

Patients and members of the public can obtain further information about their medicines from their GP, Pharmacy or by following this link.

Our Services

The Pharmacy Department has dispensaries on all sites of the Trust.

Outpatient Dispensary

Opening Times

University Hospital opening times: Monday – Friday 8.30am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm

Hospital of St Cross opening times: Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm


Outpatient Dispensary is located in the atrium of the main entrance at the University Hospital, Coventry and in Withybrook Wing at the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby.

At the Univeristy Hospital site we dispense around 1,800 items per week from outpatient prescriptions and a large number of clinical trial medication as well.  We aim to provide as prompt a turnaround as possible of prescriptions, whilst maintaining our highest standards for patient safety.  There may be occasions when we have to perform extra checks (e.g check blood results) or query details with for certain prescriptions.  For some, this may lead to a very small delay in processing your prescription.

All patients treated under the NHS must pay prescription charges unless they are exempt.  Details of exemptions will be on the back of your prescription and will need to be completed by you, or your representative before handing in your prescription.  Please note proof of excemption (e.g. your exemption certificate card) will need to be seen by pharmacy at each occasion.

For outpatient prescription queries at University Hospital, Coventry phone: 024 7696 6045

For outpatient prescription queries at Hospital of St Cross, Rugby phone: 01788 545221

Inpatients Dispensary

We process over 500 discharge prescriptions each week with around 2,500 items being dispensed for them.  Our aim is to dispense these prescriptions in as timely a manner as possible without compromising on patient safety.  We also dispense all the medication for the patients in the hospital

Clinical Trials

We provide a large and comprehensive clinical trials service from our outpatient, inpatient and aspectic laboratory.  At any one time we have around 100 clinical trials requiring medication dispensing.

Ward Pharmacy

Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians visit the wards every week day.  In addition to ensuring supply of medication they also provide information on medicines to healthcare professionals, patients and carers, gather drug histories for patients to ensure continuation of care and check prescriptions for safety and suitablility of medicines prescribed.

Medicines Information (M.I.) Services

Provide a query answering service to doctors, nurses, & healthcare professionals within the trust on all aspects of medicine use.  Frequent queries include; interactions, adverse reactions, administration and compatibilities of drugs, safety of medicines in pregnancy/breastfeeding, administration of medication via feeding tubes and herbal medicines.  We independently review all applications for Formulary inclusions in the Trust.

Patients and members of the public can obtain further information about their medicines from their GP, Pharmacy or from the following link: http://www.nhs.uk/pages/home.aspx   

Aseptic Laboratory and Quality Assurance Laboratory

The Pharmacy Aseptic Laboratory is licensed with the Medicines Control Agency to produce aseptically prepared pharmaceuticals. It provides all Trustwide Parenteral Cytotoxics, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), Patient Controlled Analgesia, pre-filled Epidurals and a number of 'pharmaceutical specials'.

The Quality Control Laboratory quality assures aseptic dispensing and manufacture of pharmaceuticals at University Hospital, George Eliot and Warwick Hospitals and the aseptic dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals at University Hospital.

Pharmaceutical Stores

Undertakes all drug purchasing and distribution of drugs for the Trust and the other Trusts we have contracts with. This is an exceptionally effective service and operates a just in time system with a total stock turn over time of approximately 3.5 weeks and maximises purchasing power to achieve significant cost savings to the NHS.


We provide training for up to 6 student pharmacy technicians (2 year training course) and up to 3 pre-registration pharmacists (1 year post-graduate training programme). We also provide training to Warwick University Medical School undergraduates and newly qualified doctors and Nurses within the Trust.


Mark Easter – Director of Pharmacy 024 7696 6771
Bal Dhanda – Patient Services Manager 024 7696 6669

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