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Dietary advice

Dietary changes

These are best supervised by a qualified dietician to ensure that you do not become deficient in essential nutrients.

  • Low fat diet: A strict, low fat diet (40g of fat per day) may improve bowel function to some degree even in severe bile salt malabsorption. The main problem with a low fat diet is that it is limiting and you will not know how much fat has been used in cooking especially if you go out for a meal.
  • MCT diets: Replacing a large proportion of one specific type of fat in the diet (long chain triglycerides) with a different type of fat (medium chain triglycerides). This is very difficult to do and can only really be done at home. Many people find medium chain triglycerides unpalatable. Do not try this type of dietary change without specialist supervision.

Please ask your GP to refer you to your local dietician service if needed.