Collecting a Death Certificate

When a death occurs in the hospital, a ‘Medical Certificate of Cause of Death’ (or ‘certificate’) can usually be issued by the doctor. However, if the death is sudden or unexpected, the Coroner will have to be notified. Once the Corner has been informed of the passing of your loved one, the Coroner’s Office will contact you. The bereavement office will contact you as soon as a decision has been reached by the Coroner authorising us to issue a Cause of Death Certificate.

Please telephone the Bereavement Services Department after 9.30am on the next working weekday after the death to ask when the certificate will be ready for collection. The department is open between 9.30am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays). Telephone 024 7696 5834, 024 7696 5838 or 024 7696 5835.

Our telephone line can be very busy, we apologise if you connect to an answerphone. It is essential that you leave a contact name and number. Please be assured that we will respond to your message as soon as we can.

In most cases the hospital will be able to give you the certificate within 48 hours of your phone call, although this may take longer after weekends and bank holidays. If the doctors are able to issue the certificate, Bereavement Services will arrange for you to collect any necessary paperwork.

All deaths at UHCW NHS Trust are reviewed by the respective clinical team, for the benefit of other patients. You may be contacted at a later date to discuss this review as well.

Please know that any property or valuables left at the hospital will be kept safely and given back to you at the same time, with the following exceptions considered:

  • Bank books, cheques and credit cards are returned to the originating bank.
  • Pension and benefit books are returned to the Department of Social Security.
  • Patient’s own medicines – these will be sent to Pharmacy for safe disposal.
  • Due to lack of storage space, it is unfortunate that it is not possible to store a patient’s property after 30 days.  Please remember to collect or make arrangements for the collection of personal property before this time, after which the remaining property will be disposed of.