Further Advice and Support

There are many people, in the hospital and outside, who can give careful advice and sensitive support, not only now but as time goes on.

You may already have met a hospital Chaplain or hospital Social Worker. These support services are available to meet you again in the immediate future or later if there is anything you need or if there is something in particular you are worried about.

If you want to get in touch with them, or with someone else you have met here at the hospital, ring and ask for the Chaplain, the Social Worker, or the Ward Sister or Charge Nurse where the person who died was a patient.

At each point over the next few days there will be people who are able to provide support and advice, including the Funeral Director, the minister or celebrant conducting the funeral, your own family doctor, as well as the people mentioned in this booklet.

In addition to the help they can give, the above people will also have contact with other groups within the hospital as well as external organisations, and counselling agencies, who may be helpful to you either now or in the future.