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Should I still attend my scan?

Yes! You should attend your appointment as scheduled to avoid any risk to yourself or your baby.

How many people can I take with me to my scan?

At this moment in time, women need to attend antenatal, postnatal and ultrasound scans alone.

Can I take a video of my scan to share with others?

A video will be available at the end of your assessment, which will show a still of your baby. This will be the best available image that the sonographer can obtain, and will not reveal your baby's sex.

We are able to provide you with a "gender reveal" slip, either pink or blue, placed within a sealed envelope so that you and your loved ones can experience the special moment together.

We are also offering free scan photographs at this time.

Induced Labour

After my labour has been induced, will I be asked to return home or stay in hospital until I'm in labour?

The plan for your induction will be discussed with either your Consultant or your Community Midwife at the time of booking. The reason for your induction will be a crucial factor in deciding if you are able to have a home induction, as we are unable to monitor fetal wellbeing when you are at home.

Will my birth partner be able to stay with me whilst I am induced?

Due to visiting restrictions on the Maternity wards, your birth partner will be unable to attend until you are in active labour.

Birth Partners

How many birth partners can I bring with me?

One birthing partner who is asymptomatic and not in self-isolation may accompany you.

What should my birth partner bring to hospital?

As your birth partner will not be able to leave the ward area once they have joined you, we advise that they should bring sufficient food and refreshments for themselves. As well as this, you might find it helpful for them to bring additional items of clothing for you if you have been an inpatient on the ward.

Where can my birth partner stay with me?

Your birth partner can stay with you during active labour and birth. If you are having a planned caesarean section and have not had a positive swab result for coronavirus, your birth partner can say with you on the Labour ward and will be able to attend theatre (unless a general anaesthetic is required). Once you are transferred to the Postnatal ward, your birth partner will be asked to return home.


Can I have visitors?

During this time of restricted visiting, visitors are unable to attend the wards. We will continue to review this based upon national guidance.

Facilities Available

What birth options are available to me?

All birth choices are still available, including the Lucina Birth Centre, elective ceasareans and home births.

Are pre-sterilised bottled available?

The Trust does not provide any bottles unless prescribed within the Neonatal department.

Going Home

Can my birth partner come onto the Postnatal ward to assist with carrying my belongings when I'm ready to go home?

As long as your birth partner is not experiencing symptoms of coronavirus, they are welcome to attend the ward in order to support you with collecting and transporting your belongings. Our staff are also available to assist mothers to the entrance of the West Wing of University Hospital, Coventry.

How soon can I go home?

We aim to discharge you and your baby as soon as it is safe to do so. If you have had a caesarean section, we will make every effort to support you in returning home the day after your surgery depending on your overall wellbeing.

Further Support

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