What to expect when visiting our hospitals

We are beginning to restart some services and want to reassure you that our hospitals are safe environments. We are working hard to protect patients and staff.  

We are making changes to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, and you may notice that things look or run a little differently than before.

COVID-19 screening

Before attending the hospital, you will be asked if you or anyone in your household has had any symptoms relating to Covid-19. 

In particular, the questions will include: 

• Are you or is anybody in your household currently experiencing:

- A high temperature

- A new, continuous cough

- Loss of taste or smell

• Have you had contact with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19? 

You will be asked these questions when you arrive and throughout your stay. We will also regularly take your temperature.  

You will need to have a throat and nose swab 48 hours before your admission to hospital, and you will be notified about your results via a text message. 

If your hospital stay is longer than seven days, we will screen you again.  

Social distancing measures 

Social distancing measures are steps you can take to reduce social interaction between people. This helps to reduce the transmission of diseases and Covid-19. 

Social distancing practices have been introduced across the UHCW site and we have signs to help you follow these. Measures include spaced out chairs in clinics, Perspex screens in Outpatient areas, visual markings on floors and extra signs in busy areas including main entrances, corridors and lifts. 

The signs you can expect to see include: 




Zones dependent on swab results and clinical needs

UHCW has created separate zone areas for patients depending on their swab results and clinical needs. This is to ensure the safety of all patients. Screening tests and welfare checks will help UHCW staff to maintain separate zones and ensure the needs of patients are met.

Using Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 

During your stay you will notice UHCW staff wearing PPE whilst caring for you. The PPE may include masks, gloves and aprons and this is to protect both our patients and staff. 

Wearing PPE when entering UHCW sites 

Everyone is expected to wear a mask, we advise that you do not touch it when it is on your face. If you do touch it, please wash your hands with alcohol hand rub or soap and water to stop the spread of any germs on the front of the mask being transferred to your hands and surfaces. 

We also ask you not to wear gloves when coming into the hospital. The best way to stop germs from spreading is to clean your hands regularly and thoroughly. 

Disposing of PPE you bring to UHCW site

If you choose to bring a mask onto our hospital sites and would like to dispose of it, please use any bin that has an orange bin bag in it. Additional bins have been placed by entrances and exits and by the restaurant in the main atrium. Once you have removed your mask please use the alcohol hand rubs available from dispensers throughout the site to clean your hands. 

Hand hygiene facilities at UHCW site 

Hand hygiene facilities are available for use by staff, patients and visitors throughout our site and we encourage everyone to use the alcohol hand rub dispensers and soap and water as required. 
We also offer hand wipes to patients before touching food items. Please ask for wipes if you feel you need them. For more information on what to expect when attending UHCW, read our patient information leaflet here.