Your appointment

Unless you have been informed otherwise and are NOT a vulnerable person as a result of medication, a chronic illness or are over 70 years of age, please attend your appointment as usual.

Please do not visit our hospitals or any healthcare setting if you are unwell, especially if you have symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19).  For information on the main symptoms of coronavirus, click here.

If you ARE considered to be vulnerable person please consider postponing any non-urgent appointments with us.

The full list of vulnerable people identified can be found here

Outpatient Appointment

Where possible, we are offering appointments by telephone or video consultation with clinical staff, unless we need to see you in person.

If you are asked to attend the hospital, we will speak to you ahead of your appointment. 

Coming into hospital for a planned procedure

If you need to come to one of our hospitals for a procedure or surgery, we have made some changes to our sites to reduce the risks of infection, so if you have visited before you might find things are different.

For patients undergoing planned care, we have introduced Ultra Green, Green and Amber pathways, and your doctor will decide which category you fall into depending on your surgery / procedure. We will contact you ahead of your admission to advise you of what you need to do before you come to the hospital. We will also be asking you some questions to ensure that we don’t need to take extra precautions with your care.

Please click here for updated guidance.

If you have any further concerns, please call the number on your appointment letter or speak to the department directly.

Please find some answers to common questions we have received during the Coronavirus pandemic in our FAQs pdf.

Useful information about the delivery of our services

The safety and well-being of our patients will always be our number one priority as a Trust and this is especially true during the current coronavirus pandemic.

During these challenging times we are working hard to reopen services and continue to care for our patients safely. We are still here to help you.

Although people are being told to stay at home as much as possible, if you are already a patient of University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire or are unwell, you should continue to access the care that you need.

If you are a patient with a long-term condition please do keep in touch with your GP, community and hospital services.  Please see our services section by clicking here where more information is available, including the best way to contact us, which may include by email or telephone.

What should I do if I am worried about my condition?

COVID-19 has had a major effect on our services and we’re trying to keep you in the picture as best we can. If you have any further concerns, please call the number on your appointment letter or speak to the department directly.


My GP has referred me for treatment but I’ve just received a letter telling me it’s been ‘paused’ – why?

All hospitals, including University Hospital Coventry and The Hospital of St Cross, Rugby, were instructed by NHS England to cancel outpatient appointments and routine surgery in March so they were not overwhelmed by the virus.  Many outpatients have been held by telephone or video calls.  We reconfigured parts of our hospitals, freeing up beds, changing wards and redeploying clinicians, nurses, admin and support staff to help as COVID-19 became our focus.  We’re now adapting those plans again, and we aim to restore our services whilst also safely supporting patients who may have COVID-19.

Was it just surgery or outpatient appointments that were paused?

Since March, we were able to continue to undertake life-saving surgery and cancer treatment, and emergencies whilst we paused all planned care.

What about me? I was on the waiting list before the COVID-19 outbreak

If you were on a waiting list before the COVID-19 outbreak, you will still be on our waiting list unless we have written to you to advise you differently. However, you will be waiting longer to be seen and we are really sorry about this. Our clinicians are regularly reviewing our waiting lists and prioritising patients to be treated. Since the lockdown, GPs have continued to refer patients to us and they are also on our waiting list.

How long will I have to wait?

Our clinical teams are going through our waiting lists very carefully and patients will be seen depending on the state of their health. In reality, that means those with the greatest need will be seen first. The lists will be reviewed regularly as we know some people’s conditions will deteriorate so whereas they might not have been a priority to start, that could change as the weeks and months go by.

What are you doing to sort this?

Our clinical teams have been carefully reviewing each and every patient on a waiting list to determine which patients are able to come to hospitals, which can be delivered in other ways, i.e. digitally or in other venues and community settings or at The Hospital of St Cross, Rugby.  

If it’s suitable, we’ve introduced video and telephone consultations for new and follow up outpatient appointments. This means we can keep in touch with you, check on your condition without the need for you to come into hospital.

As per government guidelines, we are following social distancing guidelines which means we are limited by the number of people who safely can be in our waiting areas, and some appointments / treatment is taking longer due to the need to wear PPE and follow infection control procedures. For some services, that means we are not able to offer as many appointments / theatre slots as we were before the pandemic. 

We have also been working with the independent sector, particularly the BMI Meriden Hospital at University Hospital Coventry, to provide some services in a COVID-free environment as we continue to respond to the pandemic. Your appointment letter may ask you to attend the BMI Meriden as an alternative to one of our hospitals. 

How do I stay up to date with developments?

We’re trying to keep everyone informed and we really appreciate your patience and understanding. When we are able to offer you an appointment, either in person or virtually, we will write to you to confirm this.  There’s a lot of administration work that is taking place as we restart services and we are aware that patients may receive duplicate letters from the hospital.  Please bear with us as we try to ensure this doesn’t happen.

We’ll be keeping people informed of important changes and general updates through our Facebook pages, other social media channels and our website.  We’re also asking the media to help us relay important changes.

Please speak to your clinical teams if you have specific queries and concerns about your condition. When it’s time for you to come for your appointment or procedure, we’ll get in touch with you. We’re here to help you, so we ask you to attend your appointment. Please be assured that our hospitals are safe.   If you’ve got any concerns about coming to hospital, you can call the number on your appointment letter.