Teaching Hospital

At UHCW we pride ourselves on our close working partnerships between our hospitals and education establishments. We have a strong relationship with Warwick Medical School and Coventry University, providing clinical placements and training for their students who are the next generation of doctors, nurses, midwives and healthcare staff.

How are patients involved?

It is possible that students may be present during consultations, or may wish to discuss health issues with patients. The student’s status and reason for their presence will be explained to you by a senior doctor or a member of the nursing team and your consent obtained. If you do not wish the medical students to be present during your consultation with your doctor you have the right to refuse. If you do not know who a member of staff is at any time do not hesitate to ask them to explain who they are and what they do.

This decision will be respected and will in no way jeopardise care or treatment now or at any time in the future. In practice, the majority of patients are happy to have the involvement of students in their care and will make themselves available as case studies or for the purpose of student assessment and testing.

Students are also keen to hear patients' views and comments on their skills. If you have any concerns or queries please don't hesitate to raise them with the staff responsible for your care.