As part of our response to COVID-19, visiting is currently restricted at all of our sites.

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Our hospitals have low rates of healthcare-associated infections like C. diff or MRSA. However, there are a number of things you can help us do to prevent infections in our hospitals.


Please Do

  • Arrange for a relative or friend to take any personal clothing home to wash. The hospital does not provide a patient laundry service.
  • Use the alcohol hand rub provided on the wards. Please could you kindly do this when entering and leaving a patient's room to prevent illness and infections.
  • Remember that it’s okay to ask staff if they have cleaned their hands. Staff giving patient care should also have bare arms below their elbows and should have removed watches and stoned rings.


Please Don’t

  • Use the patient toilets on the wards. If you need the bathroom, our ward staff will direct you to the nearest public toilets.
  • Touch the patient’s wounds or any medical equipment they are attached to, such as drips and catheters. This can cause infections.
  • Visit if you have recently suffered with an illness such as cold, vomiting, diarrhoea or any other infectious condition in the last 48 hours.
  • Sit or lie on the beds. Please use the chairs provided.
  • Smoke on hospital grounds as it is not permitted anywhere on our hospital sites to protect our patients, visitors, staff and buildings from the damages and consequences of smoking. 
  • Drop litter. We kindly ask you to put all litter in the bins provided to keep our hospital clean. 


Hospital Values and Behaviours

We expect all our staff to live by the following behaviours and values:

We treat everyone with courtesy and compassion

We act with openness, honesty and integrity

We see education, research and learning as central to improvement

We are open to change and seek to innovate to improve what we do

We work in partnership to deliver and improve services we provide for our patients

We take pride in all we do and aspire to do

We treat everyone with respect and dignity

Our staff should also introduce themselves to patients and their families.

In turn, we ask that visitors treat our staff, and other patients and their families with respect and dignity.


Please Do 

  • Respect the privacy and dignity of patients at all times; it is an essential aspect of care. This includes making sure that any noise (e.g. loud conversations, videos on smartphones, tablets, etc.) is not disturbing other patients.
  • Turn your mobile phone to ‘silent’ to keep noise to a minimum on our wards.


Please Don’t

  • Take photographs when in the hospital. We have a duty to protect the privacy, confidentiality and dignity of all of our patients.
  • We appreciate that hospitals can be stressful places for patients and visitors. However, any deliberate acts of verbal or physical aggression towards our staff will not be tolerated. Our members of staff work directly for the benefit of the public and it is not acceptable for them to be the subject of violence or abuse while caring for patients. We reserve the right to call security in the event of any incidents. Visitors may be escorted from the premises, and may be banned from further visits.
  • Consume alcohol or use illegal drugs. patients, visitors or staff are not permitted to do either on our hospital sites.



Patients who are able to eat are provided with three main meals a day, with snacks and drinks available between meals.

Please Do

  • Tell us about any allergies or special diets as soon as possible.
  • Assist your relative or friend to eat their meals if they need help.
  • You may bring items of food like fruit and snacks for a loved one. However, please speak to the nurse in charge before giving a patient food brought from outside the hospital.