React to Red Campaign 

React to Red Skin campaignThe React to Red skin campaign is the latest pressure ulcer prevention campaign to be held by UHCW NHS Trust Tissue Viability Nurses to further raise awareness of pressure ulcer prevention. The basis of this campaign and the key messages have now been adopted by NHS England as part of their strategy to eliminate pressure ulcers.

It follows on from the successful and award winning 100 days free campaign and Heel watch, the difference with this campaign from previous ones, is that it is aimed primarily at patients, families & carers.

The main message of the campaign is that by reacting to red skin over bony areas and asking for help and advice from a healthcare professional we can stop red skin becoming a serious wound.

The campaign has developed as we see many patients admitted to hospital with pressure ulcers that they have not told any one about. Often these are very painful, wet and sore and can become very serious if they become infected. Our message is react to red skin, ask for help before this happens, and don’t suffer these sores alone.

UHCW Tissue Viability Team has developed a patient information leaflet for inpatients on preventing pressure ulcers but hope to spread the message further to community care and peoples own homes so that red skin does not develop into sores.

Main messages

As a patient, family member or carer there are 5 simple things you can do while in hospital, community care or in your own home to prevent a pressure ulcer developing:

  1. Regularly check skin isn’t sore or discoloured in anyway. If it is let a healthcare professional know
  2. It’s really important you keep moving while in bed or on a chair. Change your position as much as possible when appropriate
  3. When you’re unwell or immobile going to the toilet can be difficult. Ensure that skin is clean and dry or ask for help
  4. Eat a well balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids
  5. Special equipment is available for those at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Ask for help and your healthcare professional will advise you.

The biggest message is "If you need help don’t be afraid to ask."

Further information

A pressure ulcer prevention campaign aimed at patients and relatives is being run in the Coventry and Warwickshire area. The aim of the campaign is to educate as many people as possible about the dangers of pressure ulcers and the simple steps that can be take to avoid them. For more details visit the Your Turn website.