Did we get it right?

Complaints and concerns

Your complaint or concern may be about something that can be resolved straight away by talking it through with a member of staff. You can approach staff within the service concerned, such as the Ward Manager, or if you would prefer to talk to someone independent of the care, you may value a discussion with PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service).

If you remain unhappy following this, PALS can offer guidance on whether the issues are eligible to be investigated under the NHS Complaints Procedure, which includes investigations of concerns around healthcare, and can assist you in making a formal complaint if necessary.

If you require any help with or further information on using our Feedback services, please contact PALS via our online form

If you require an easy access form them please click here.

Alternatively you can telephone PALs on 0800 028 4203.

If you would like to write to the Chief Executive Officer, please address it to:

Professor Andrew Hardy
Chief Executive Officer
University Hospital
Clifford Bridge Road
Coventry CV2 2DX

We are aware of some callers experiencing difficulties phoning us, please be advised we are working to rectify this issue.

You can also contact us via email feedback@uhcw.nhs.uk.

Please click here (pdf) to read an information leaflet about PALS.

Compliments and recognition

Our staff are always happy to receive compliments from patients and visitors. If you would like to do this you can speak to a member of staff caring for you or write to us so we can pass it on. Alternatively, click here to fill in our online form.

A quick and easy way to say thank you is through our Appreciation Cards. These postcards allow patients and/or their relatives to quickly choose a Trust value (or several) and then add on the back a quick note to describe what the member of staff did which they appreciated.

If one of our team has made a special impact on your experience with us, you can nominate them for one of our recognition awards here.

The Friends and Family Test

Whether you’re a patient, relative, carer or visitor, the Trust wants to hear how you feel about its services. Patients may receive a text message or interactive voice messages (IVM) once discharged to ask about their experience.

You can also leave your feedback online or use your smartphones camera to scan the digital QR code on Did we get it right? posters when visiting - free wifi is available.

All feedback is anonymous, helping to improve our services and say thank you.

Patient Experience and Engagement

We have a programme of ways that you can share your views about your care, and also be involved in your local hospitals.

The Trust has been working with patients and stakeholders to co-develop a new Patient and Public Involvement Programme, the new Patient Experience and Engagement Delivery Plan 2018-21 sets out the Trust commitment to:
·         Improving the way we listen, respond and use patient feedback to support improvements
·         Improve the way we develop and manage patient information leaflets
·         Ensure our staff place the Trust values at the centre of care improvements
·         Ensure that patient voice is at the centre of care improvements
·         Improve the patients care environment
If you would like to get involved in service improvements or would like to keep informed of opportunities to get involved with the Trust please email: insightandinvolve@uhcw.nhs.uk or telephone 02476 965186/02476 965998.

Find out more in the document, We Care: Patient Experience and Engagement Delivery Plan 2018-2021. You can download a copy at this link (pdf).

How can I make a Formal Complaint?

In order to make a formal complaint about the care you have received please write to the Complaints Manager at the following address:
University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
Clifford Bridge Road Coventry CV2 2DX

If you are complaining on behalf of a friend or relative permission from the patient will be required in the form of a counter-signature on the letter of complaint. This is to ensure the patient gives consent for us to access their medical records, liaise with external agencies, if needed, and respond to you with our findings. If this raises any questions please telephone 0800 028 4203.

Please click here (pdf) (opens in new window) to read an information leaflet about how to make a formal complaint and click here (pdf) (opens in new window) for a template of a sample complaints letter.
If you are writing a complaint on behalf of someone else, that person will need to sign and complete the appropriate consent form which can be found by clicking here (pdf) (opens in new window).
Alternatively, you can click here (pdf) (opens in new window) for advice from the NHS Complaints leaflet. 

Can anyone help with my complaint?  

The Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS) provides free, independent advice and help with making an NHS complaint.

Independent Health Complaints Advocacy service 
For people who live in Coventry provided by Central England Law Centre
Telephone: 07506 690505 Monday to Thursday 
Email: IHCAenquiries@centralenglandlc.org.uk  
Website: www.centralenglandlc.org.uk/independent-complaints-advocacy-service 

ICAS for Warwickshire is provided by VoiceAbility
For people who live in Warwickshire
Telephone: 0300 2225947
Email: CWAdvocacy@voiceability.org

The CQC (Care Quality Commission) has produced three leaflets around the standards you can expect while in hospital and general information on how to make a complaint.  These are available to download below.

What standards you have a right to expect from the regulation of your hospital (PDF)

Checking your hospital for the care you should expect to get (PDF)

How to complain about a health or social care service (PDF)


Healthwatch Coventry and Healthwatch Warwickshire are the local champions for health and social care.  They are independent and are not part of NHS or care services. They:

  • Answer questions about local NHS and care services
  • Link to the Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service that supports those making a complaint about NHS services
  • Gather information about what people think about NHS and care services to influence the planning and delivery of services
Contact Healthwatch Coventry (for people who live in Coventry)

Phone: 0300 012 0315 (Monday to Friday 11.00am - 3.00pm)

Email: info@healthwatchcoventry.co.uk

Website: www.healthwatchcoventry.co.uk

Contact Healthwatch Warwickshire (for people who live in Warwickshire)

Phone: 01926 422823 (Monday to Friday 10.00am - 3.00pm)

Email: info@healthwatchwarwickshire.co.uk  

Website: www.healthwatchwarwickshire.co.uk