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Access to Health Records

You can write to us at

Access to Health Records
University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust
Room A20018 CSB
Clifford Bridge Road
Coventry CV2 2DX

Telephone: 024 76968771


You can request access to health records by clicking this link or downloading and completing this form.

Find our what will happen after you apply by clicking here

Access to Health Records

Patients can apply for access to their own Health Records providing they meet the following criteria and complete the attached form. As soon as your form is received we will acknowledge your request.


You will only be able to have access to health records if you have completed all sections of the form and are either:

  • The patient
  • A person authorised by the patient
  • Parent or guardian of a minor
  • A person authorised to act on behalf of the patient
  • A deceased person's personal representative
  • A person who may have a claim arising from the death of a patient


We will also require a copy of the following to be provided with your completed Application Form

•Photo identification such as photo card driving licence, passport, travel pass, etc.

•Proof of address such as utility bill, hospital letter, bank statement, etc.

•And when applying on behalf of someone else, relevant proof such as birth certificate, power of attorney, etc.

Plus a utility bill showing your name and current address.

copies of Records

Notes and images will be sent by an electronic link, there is no charge for this.