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We have put together some useful information to help keep you informed and involved in your care.

Conditions and management

A list of some of the common disease conditions are included in this section.
Please refer to the section on Patient Information sheets for additional information.


  • Performance/professional voice disorders
    • Singing
  • Laryngeal hypersensitivity disorders
    • Vocal cord dysfunction
    • Chronic Cough
    • Paradoxical vocal fold motion
    • Irritable larynx
  • Benign vocal cord lesions
    • Nodules
    • Polyps
    • Cysts
    • Scar
    • Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP)
  • Early laryngeal or voice box cancers/Malignant neoplasms
    • Leukoplakia – white lesions
    • Laryngeal dysplasia
    • Early larynx cancer
  • Vocal cord paralysis/neurologic injury to the larynx link
    • Complete one-sided paralysis
    • Bilateral paralysis
    • Vocal fold paresis
  • Neurological disorders affecting voice
    • Spasmodic dysphonia
  • Dysphagia (swallowing disorders) due to:
    • Head and neck cancer
    • Neurological disorders
    • Laryngopharyngeal reflux
    • Foreign body sensations
    • Cricopharyngeal achalasia
    • Zenker’s diverticulum
    • Swallowing disorders related to aging
  • Dysphonia (hoarseness of the voice)
  • Airway narrowing/stenosis
    • Laryngeal stenosis
    • Subglottic stenosis, idiopathic and acquired
    • Tracheal stenosis
  • Voice disorders related to aging/presbyphonia



Management options:

  • Acoustic and aerodynamic analyses of voice (Stroboscopic)

  • KTP and CO2 laser surgery

  • Microdissection to remove nodules and polyps

  • Thyroplasty

  • Vocal cord injection

  • Endoscopic laryngeal cancer surgery

  • Trans nasal Oesophagoscopy

  • Flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing and sensation

Future plans

  • Awake endoscopic and diagnostic procedures in clinics
  • Awake botulinum toxin injection



Patient Information Sheets

The Trust has a number of Patient Information Leaflets. These are now available on this

website and the number of leaflets available will grow over the next few months. In addition,

there are links to Patient Information Leaflets from other websites.

  • UHCW

The leaflets on this page have been produced by UHCW NHS Trust.

  • ENT UK

The leaflets on this page have been produced by ENT UK which is the professional membership body representing Ear, Nose and Throat surgery, as well as its related specialities, in the United Kingdom. 

The leaflets on this page have been produced by the British Laryngological Association (BLA) which is a membership society that takes an overall interest in the development of laryngology (the management of airway, voice, swallowing disorders, including related sciences and health promotion) in Great Britain.

  • BVA

The leaflets on this page have been produced by the British Voice Association which is s a group of over 600 multi-disciplinary professionals promoting issues surrounding the voice.