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Nurses in Interventional Radiology



Nurses in IR work closely with the Consultants and Radiographers to care for patients through their journey in the IR department. The role is very different from ward nursing and encompasses many different tasks.

A patient journey may begin with being seen by a nurse in the pre-op assessment clinic, or being visited on the ward by the pre-procedure ward assessment team. These roles involve ensuring patients are prepared and ready for their procedure including ensuring appropriate blood results and/or antibiotics prescriptions. Many IR nurses take delegated consent for IR procedures and are able to spend time explaining and reassuring patients as to what the procedure involves, either in clinic or on the ward.

IR Nurses may also admit patients directly to the IR day case unit, ensuring they are prepared for procedures. IR nurses play a vital role in the direct delivery of IR procedures by acting as scrub nurses and directly assisting the Consultant. They also administer sedation and monitor patients throughout procedures under the supervision of the Consultant. Post procedure, IR nurses recover patients and/or care for them in the IR ward until they are ready to go home or be transferred back to another ward. IR nurses also discharge patients and complete e-discharge letters which are sent to GP’s to inform them of a patient’s care.

Working in the IR Suite is challenging and varied and no two days are the same, with a huge variety of procedures and multiple roles which need to be undertaken.

The IR department at UHCW has expanded considerably over the past few years and as it develops there will be ongoing opportunities for advanced practice nurses. The department fully encourages and support staff to widen their scope of practice with continuous professional development.