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Semen Analysis


  • Information for Patients attending a semen analysis
  • Booking your appointment - Please call the Andrology department on 02476 968873 between the hours of 8.30am and 3pm. Outside of these times, an answering service is available. Please leave your name, contact number and a brief message and you will be contacted. 
  • Getting your results:
    • Results are provided to the referring clinician within 10 working days.
    • If you have been referred by your GP, you must contact them for the results.
    • If you are under the care of a CRM consultant, you may be able to receive basic information over the telephone. Please note that laboratory staff are unable to give medical advice, and you will need to contact your consultant for an in depth explanation of your results.
    • Semen analysis request form
  • Retrograde analysis:
    • This is a specialised test to determine if sperm are being retained in your bladder, and will require you to produce a semen specimen followed immediately by a urine specimen. More information on preparing for the test can be found here.
    • When booking this test, please specify that it is a retrograde analysis, as a different type of appointment is required for this test.
  • Post vasectomy tests:
    • Information for Patients Attending Post Vasectomy Test
    • These tests are performed at least 12 weeks after your vasectomy operation, and after at least 20 ejaculates. Please ensure that this advice is followed to ensure the most accurate results
    • You may be asked to provide further samples, depending upon the results of the initial test. These will be sent to you automatically by post.
    • Results of the tests are reported to both your consultant surgeon and to your own GP within 10 days.
    • We regret that we are unable to give these results by telephone.


  • Please advise patients to book their semen analysis appointments directly with the CRM
  • Electronic results are available to GPs within Coventry and can be accessed through the CRRS system under the “Other events” tab.
  • All other results are posted, but can be faxed upon request if available. Please call 02476968873 if this is required.


Sperm cryopreservation

Reasons for storage:

  • Storage of samples for patients about to undergo fertility treatment at the CRM
    • This may be due to production issues, geographical issues, protection from Zika virus, or if there is a concern that sperm quality may be sub-optimal on the day of treatment
    • This is requested by the CRM consultant and patients will be contacted to arrange an appointment
    • Information for patients having storage prior to fertility treatment
    • Counselling is available for any issues relating to sperm storage, please contact our specialist counsellor for information.
    • The initial storage period is one year for these samples, due to the fact that it is not likely to be needed for much longer. However this can be extended to 10 years, and up to 55 years in some cases, where you meet the criteria for extended storage. The Andrology team or your consultant will be able to tell you if you meet these criteria
    • The first year of storage is free of charge as it is included within your treatment. After the first year, storage charges apply. Please see the latest price list for information
  • Storage of samples for patients about to undergo treatment that may compromise their fertility

Information for patients

  • Patient info sheet
  • Booking an appointment
    • You will ordinarily be contacted by the CRM to book your appointment once the referral has been made.
    • Please call 02476968873 to book an appointment. Please state that the sample is for storage when booking
    • Please read the information sheet prior to attending
    • You will need to bring a form of photographic ID with you to your first appointment
    • If time allows, up to three samples may be stored. Each sample may provide more than one attempt at treatment.
    • Please allow at least 30 minutes for your appointment to allow time to complete the consent forms
    • If possible, a 2-3 day abstinence period is advised.
    • Please ensure that you have had your blood tests completed prior to attending for an appointment
    • Counselling is available for any issues relating to sperm storage, please contact our specialist counsellor for information.
  • How long can I store for?
    • The statutory maximum storage period is 10 years, but this may be extended in ten year increments up to 55 years if you meet the criteria for extended storage. The andrology team will be able to tell you if you meet these criteria.
  • How much does it cost?
    • Storage is funded by the NHS for the first 5 years of storage. After this initial period it may in the future become necessary to apply a storage charge. This may depend upon your fertility after your treatment is completed, which may necessitate attending a post-chemotherapy semen analysis.

Information for clinicians

  • Referral form
  • Blood tests required prior to storage
    • HIV 1 and 2
    • Hepatitis B Surface antigen
    • Hepatitis B Core antibody
    • Hepatitis C
  • Results for the blood tests must be received by the CRM prior to storage. Patients may have their blood tests taken here at the CRM, which will reduce the time needed to get results. Book a blood test here.

Donor Sperm

We currently have no active donors in our own donor bank, but we can assist in importing sperm from other donor banks. We mainly import sperm from Xytex, in the USA, which has a wide range of UK compliant donors to choose from.

If you are interested in using donor sperm in your treatment, please contact our donor sperm importing team on our dedicated donor sperm email address or on 02476 968887 between 8.30am-3.30pm Monday to Friday (Message facility available outside of these times)

Information for patients wanting to use donor sperm
CMV testing information

Tips on choosing your donor

Please ensure that you have completed all necessary investigations, have completed implications counselling, and have your CMV test results before choosing your donor

You can narrow your search on the Xytex website by limiting to UK compliant donors only, and by CMV status, depending upon your own CMV status (If you are CMV negative, you should choose a CMV negative donor; CMV positive patients can choose to use either CMV negative or CMV positive donors).

If several patients wish to import at the same time, shipping charges can be shared, reducing the cost

Prices are available on the Xytex website, and range from £400 upwards for one vial of sperm.