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What Our Patients say

 “Our journey has been very long and stressful. We have seen countless numbers of medical professionals none of which have come close to the very high levels of care and attention all of you in Coventry have provided. Every time we come to Coventry Hospital we leave with smiles on our face. You all work as a team, very thorough, professional and extremely efficient – simply the best.”


“The treatment and service you have provided for us over the 2 fresh cycles and frozen cycle we have had over the last 2 years has been incredible. Our last fresh cycle and embryo transfer resulted in a heathy pregnancy. Our son was born in September and our world is complete.”


“The support and expertise you gave us at UHCW was amazing and you should be proud of the impact you have in changing people’s lives.”


“From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough for the help, guidance and support you have given us through all stages of this incredible journey. Your team were absolutely incredible and the staff were outstanding from start to finish. I always felt we could not have asked for anything more whether or not our treatment was successful. Your team really do provide a first class service and give people the gift of hope each and every day. Words cannot express the overwhelming sense of gratitude I feel towards you all.”


“Staff, especially the nurses, are extremely caring and thorough. Excellent service.”


“The staff are always really helpful and approachable within the fertility department. Very good at explaining the treatment and I would definitely recommend to friends or family who are having difficulty getting pregnant.”


“EmbryoScope review appointment was very helpful and informative and explained everything very well.”


“Saw the nurse yesterday in Reproductive Medicine. She was wonderful. Such a sensitive, emotional subject but she was a fantastic nurse and made the experience much better.”


“We are so grateful for the care you gave us and we feel extremely lucky to have had success on our first round of treatment. The Centre for Reproductive Medicine will always have a special place in our hearts.”


“The nurses were lovely and the staff are friendly and understanding. Going through IVF is terrifying and surprisingly emotional and stressful so having a happy friendly face helps a lot.”


“Thank you to all the team at Coventry CRM. It’s thanks to your amazing work that we have been so fortunate and so blessed after many years of heartache.”


“The staff are absolutely wonderful. Very sensitive and cater to all women who are ‘emotionally everywhere’.”


“My counselling appointment was an enlightening experience and helped greatly to prepare for my future treatment and hopefully positive outcomes from my treatment at CRM. It helped me look at all aspects and perspectives so I feel more able to cope with the outside world’s challenges as well as my emotional ones. Having the ability to see a Counsellor who specialises in this area is beneficial. Thank you.”


“The Counsellor is an amazing woman. Made me feel comfortable straight away and no feeling of being rushed. Overall, lovely fantastic and good to know she is genuinely there.”