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‘No ifs’ and ‘No Butts’ on No Smoking Day – Take the Leap with Local Hospital’s Stop Smoking Service

13:30 13/03/2012

Picture Caption: Kate Mason, Stop Smoking Nurse and Dale Ricketts, Stop Smoking Service ManagerAlthough smoking continues to affect the lives of 1 in 6 Coventry residents, about two-thirds of smokers say that they want to give up. Every year No Smoking Day is responsible for helping over 750,000 people try to quit and for Coventry residents there is additional help in the shape of University Hospital’s new ‘No Butts’ NHS Stop Smoking Service.

If you’ve considering stopping smoking and are unsure where to go to get the support and guidance you need then the ‘No Butts’ team are here to help. Trained NHS Stop Smoking Advisors are available to help you plan the best way to successfully quit as well as provide information about the different types of medications available to make this attempt to quit the one that sticks.

Support Worker on the Surgery of Day Admission (SODA) ward, Shirley Aubrey has kicked smoking thanks to the help of the Stop Smoking Service at University Hospital.

Shirley said: “I have smoked for 35 years, since I was 15 years old and with the help of the Stop Smoking Service I have now not smoked for three months. I have tried to give it up many times in the past but with the support of the wonderful advisors, I feel more positive this time.

“The Stop Smoking Service advised me about nicotine replacement therapies that can help and I have found the inhaler has helped me the best. I don’t feel so out of breath, my complexion has improved and I am now saving for a three piece suite with the money I am saving by not buying 20 cigarettes a day. The Stop Smoking Advisors are non-judgemental and have provided me with the support that I believe will help me kick the habit for good this time.”

The Stop Smoking Service runs the following clinics:

Appointments can be made outside of these clinic times depending on capacity and is available to help any smokers living or working in Coventry and is open to staff as well as patients.


Anyone interested in getting help to quit can contact ‘No Butts’ Stop Smoking Service on (02476) 964 760 or e-mail stopsmoking.services@uhcw.nhs.uk.


More information can be found on the No Smoking Day website.


Picture Caption: Kate Mason, Stop Smoking Nurse and Dale Ricketts, Stop Smoking Service Manager are here to help you stop smoking for good!

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