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Research and Development


Research and Development

Who We Are

The R&D Team are a dedicated team of R&D professionals committed to developing research within the Trust.

What We Do

The Trust’s mission statement is Care, Achieve and Innovate as research into new treatments and interventions means that our patients benefit from the latest evidence-based practice. We work in partnership with Universities, industry and other partners to develop research within the Trust.

UHCW is establishing its reputation as a leading institution for research. The Research & Development team provides advice on all aspects of clinical research to support and develop research activities within the Trust, including:

  • Registration
  • Ethics and approvals
  • Governance
  • Statistics and design support
  • Randomisation Service
  • Intellectual property
  • Good research practice
  • Honorary contracts
  • Applying for research funding.

The Research & Development strategy can be found here.