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Bod Pod Service

What is a BOD POD®?

A BOD POD® is a large egg-shaped device that is used to measure total body volume, this information, combined with other simple measurements can be used to produce an accurate estimate of your body composition.

What does going in the BOD POD® entail?

You will be asked to bring lycra compression shorts or close fitting swimwear (not underwired bra type). On arrival, your details will be checked and you will be shown to a screened off area of the room to change in. All jewellery, watches and glasses need to be removed. A latex swimcap will be supplied. Your height and weight will be measured and you will be asked to sit in the BOD POD®, keep still and breathe normally. The door will be closed for 1 minute, opened for 30 seconds then closed for a repeat 1 minute measurement. Sometimes repeated measurements may be required. The BOD POD® has a large window to see through and a quick release button in case of discomfort.

After the measurement is complete you simply get dressed and the results will be instantly available on screen.

Do I have to do anything beforehand?

The BOD POD® measurement is best done after a minimum of 2 hours without eating, drinking or exercise. If you are planning to repeat the measurements in the future, try to follow a similar eating and activity pattern on each morning you attend.

Is it invasive at all?

Not at all. You simply sit still and small changes in air pressure will be used to do the measurement.

How does it work?

The BOD POD® uses air displacement plethysmography to calculate body volume, combined with highly accurate scales to measure mass (Kg) and uses this to calculate body density. A simple mathematical formula is used to estimate fat percentage.

What measurements do you take?

Height, weight and body volume are measured giving: fat mass, lean mass, fat percentage, and an estimate of energy expenditure.

How much does it cost?

Appointments cost £50.00. Payment by cash or card is accepted.  All funds raised go towards supporting metabolic research.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in having your body composition measured using the BOD POD, please email