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Other Resources

Sample Collection and Analysis

A dedicated sample centrifuge is available within the area next to the Whole Body Calorimeter, with space for sample preparation and refrigerator and freezer storage.

Most tissue or blood analysis can be conducted at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. Samples requiring specialist analysis techniques may need to be sent off-site for analysis.

Physiological Measurement

Equipment is available for monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose and body temperature. There are facilities for accurately measuring weight and height together with calipers for measuring skin-fold thickness.

Sleep Monitoring Equipment

An Alice PDX sleepware system is available for overnight use - measuring SPO2, airflow, and body position.

Additional Equipment

Through close collaborations with Medical Physics at UHCW NHS Trust and the science and engineering departments at the University of Warwick, additional measurement equipment can be available for research projects (e.g. infrared cameras, gas chromatography mass spectrometry).