PathLAKE: Pathology image data Lake for Analytics, Knowledge and Exploration

PathLAKE is one of a network of five new Centres of excellence in digital pathology and/or medical imaging, supported by a £50m investment from the Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine strand of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, managed and delivered by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

The PathLAKE consortium, led by UHCW, aims to meet the Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine challenge through the delivery of two suites of high-impact exemplar projects that reflect the demand that pathology has today for automation and computer driven precision, aimed at improving efficiency of pathology reporting and selection of patients for personalised medicine.

Education is central to the adoption of AI in pathology. We will provide world-class training and support to both the pathology and computer science communities. The combination of access to high quality DP images and associated meta-data, industrial grade analytics, health economics data, clinical and academic expertise and our huge experience of commercialisation will provide a fertile environment for UK SMEs to access this skill base and drive further innovation in pathology.

The consortium is formed from some of the nation’s leading digital and computational innovators from NHS and academia. Through the digitisation of 5 major NHS laboratories and the formation of a computational pathology hub, it will drive AI innovation in pathology for the UK and create the world’s largest depository of annotated digital whole slide images (WSI) ensuring that the UK is in prime position to leverage the full value of NHS pathology data to drive economic growth in health related AI.

Director: Professor David Snead

Programme Manager: Dr Deborah Griggs

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