Arden Tissue Bank

Human tissue in research plays a vital role in developing a deeper understanding of human disease processes and their underlying mechanisms. Human Tissues can be can be used to predict the likely effectiveness of potential new therapies, identify new targets for therapies, and to identify some of the possible unwanted side effects of therapies.

Arden Tissue Bank

Arden Tissue Bank, which is based at University Hospital Coventry, aims to provide researchers with access to a diverse range of high quality human tissue, whilst complying with national legislation.

Arden Tissue Bank stores routine surgical tissues that have been taken for diagnosis. Once diagnosis has been established, this tissue is normally discarded and destroyed.

For further details of what happens to tissue samples and blood to establish a diagnosis, and Arden Tissue Banks consent form to use these surplus tissues please see the “Helping You Decide” information sheet.

However, Arden Tissue Bank stores these tissues indefinitely, and makes them available for ethically approved projects.

Arden Tissue Bank can grant ethics approval for the use of these tissues in research.

Arden Tissue Bank works with NHS National Blood and Transplant. In cases where it is not possible to transplant donated organs and tissues into recipients, and the patient has consented for us to use it in research, Arden Tissue Bank will store the tissues and attempt to place the samples with ethically approved research studies.

All samples are stored in a secure manner and in compliance with the Human Tissue Act 2006. This is the legal framework that exists within the UK to monitor the storage and use of human cells and tissues.

More details are available on the Human Tissue Act website.

To see some of the work Arden Tissue Bank has undertaken, please click here.


Arden Tissue Bank can provide storage for tissue collections to be used in future research.

We currently host the largest Head & Neck cancer tissue collection in Europe, and act as a storage centre for a number of multicentre trials.

Tissue Bank staff offer practical laboratory and advisory support to a number of research teams within the Trust and local Universities, and has facilities to provide a range of routine histology services i.e. section cutting, tissue micro arraying, immunocytochemistry, and high resolution digital imaging of tissue sections.

Arden Tissue Bank facilitates the retrieval of archival clinical human tissues stored in the Cellular Pathology departments of Coventry & Warwickshire Pathology services archives at UHCW, South Warwickshire Hospitals and George Elliott Hospital specifically for use in ethically approved projects.

Ethics Approval

Arden Tissue Bank has been granted ethical approval by the National Research Ethics Service this enables potential research projects to gain ethical approval for their studies via the Arden Tissue Bank- specifically for those projects that wish to use tissues once diagnosis has been established i.e. surplus to diagnosis e.g. pathological archives.

It is not necessary for projects and researchers to make project-based applications for ethical approval to separate ethics committee’s to use tissue or data supplied by Arden Tissue Bank. They will be deemed to have ethical approval once the application has been approved by the Arden Tissue Bank management committee.

The application form for tissues and/or ethical approval is available to download.

Download a diagram of the applications process workflow.

Arden Tissue Bank Operational Hours:

Tissue Bank staff are available from 8.30 to 5.30.

Tissue Bank is access controlled, when no staff are within the bank, the bank itself is secured.

Out of hours -70ºC freezer space is available on a 24 hour basis via Pathology Specimen Reception (4th floor, West Wing).

Samples deposited in the Out of hour’s freezer are transferred to UHCW TB freezers the next working day.

Contact Us:

Tissue Bank Manager Tel: 024 7696 8687, or bleep 4204
Tissue Bank Tel: 024 7696 7033