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Bored of research sites that fail to deliver?

Want a reliable, high quality service that is responsive to your needs?


Our set-up team are committed to making research happen.  We provide all our customers with a dedicated, named, single point of contact during all stages of feasibility, study set up including budget negotiations.  With research speciality knowledge, your contact will understand your business and the clinical areas within which you operate.  You will receive a responsive service with regular updates as to progress and swift resolution of issues.  Complemented by dedicated research teams in our support departments, (pharmacy, radiology, pathology, to name a few); you can be assured that you will receive an expert service.

Our clinical research teams are speciality specific, providing an excellent understanding of their patients and their clinical pathways.  With our unique PatientTrackerTM (©2019 UHCW) technology, you can be assured that patients will be followed up according to your protocol, improving data completeness and accuracy.

Our R&D team uses a bespoke improvement technology (UHCWi) to continuously improve our service.  We are proud to work with numerous pharmaceutical and medical device companies to help them answer important research questions.

Don’t believe us? Just listen to our customers:

‘I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work in getting [our study] approved in advance of our target timelines; this is really appreciated’.

‘Thank you for all of your help over the last few months.  Hopefully we can work on another study again soon’.

‘Your team are doing a wonderful job at identifying and including patients into the XXXX trial.  This is really great and is very much needed to help the UK to meet their recruitment target’.

‘I just wanted to thank you for doing an amazing job organising the SIV, I really appreciate it!’


UHCW can offer the following to our industry partners:


UHCW R&D. Research. Delivered.


For more information please contact R&, or call Natassia Garton (R&D Business Manager - Commercial) on 02476 966096.