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Alison's Story

In the autumn of 2016, after a number of visits to the eye clinic at University Hospital Coventry, I was diagnosed with Central Retinal Vein Occlusion. The consultant explained that I would need to have monthly injections in my eye. Outwardly I remained remarkably calm although I had never heard of this before! Anyway, the consultant explained that I would meet loads of people that had this all the time. He also asked if I would be interested in taking part in a trial. I felt that if I was going to have this done I might as well take part. It would make no difference to me and if it helps decisions about the drugs in the future, why not?

I took part in the trial at the Macular Unit in the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby. The trial nurses explain everything and there is much more background information taken. Being able to see the various scans and have them explained is so interesting. You tend to see the same technicians/nurses at each appointment. I was on a 2 year trial and for most of that time I had the same doctor performing the procedure. I also saw the same consultant at most of the appointments.

I wouldn't hesitate to take part in another trial. The NHS has to continually test different treatments and drugs and if you have to attend over a fairly long time, why not take part? The treatment I received was great. I was quite disappointed when the trial ended. Having to attend as an ordinary patient is nowhere near as interesting! I hope that the information acquired will help both the NHS and other patients in the future.