The report, Innovation Health and Wealth: accelerating adoption and diffusion in the NHS, sets out a delivery agenda for spreading innovation at pace and scale throughout the NHS.

The NHS is recognised as a world leader at invention, however sometimes the best ideas fail to achieve widespread use in the NHS as adoption has been slow. Now more than ever before, innovation has a vital role to play if it is to continue to improve outcomes for patients and deliver value for money.

Innovation must be encouraged and nurtured. Designing and implementing change will need all parts of the health and social care system to plan and improve together. 

Intellectual Property

What is intellectual property (IP)?

IP is the way we protect our ideas to prevent others from using or profiting from them without permission. IP can be bought, sold borrowed and lent in the same was as normal property and is therefore an important and valuable asset. The UK IP Office defines IP as the “tangible expression of knowledge and creativity that encompasses the majority of what we write, draw, make and record”. For example, it could be a new medical device, training aid, leaflet, mobile app or piece of software, or even the expertise and specialist knowledge that you have built up over the years as part of your job.

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