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Maternity at University Hospital

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We are delighted that you have chosen to have your baby with us here at UHCW.

From finding out you are pregnant to birthing your baby and taking them home, we know that pregnancy and beyond can be a daunting experience. Here at UHCW, we pledge to ensure that every expectant mother and new baby is supported throughout their pregnancy journey to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our services are located in the west wing of University Hospital Coventry. We have our own entrance, so please follow the signs for Women’s and Children’s when you enter the hospital grounds.

If arriving by car, please ensure you use a UHCW car park. UHCW patients parking at the nearby BMI Hospital will receive a penalty notice.

Ready to self-refer for maternity care here at UHCW? You can do so by visiting the self-referral page right here on our website. 

Watch the video below for a virtual tour of our department:
Find out more about maternity care at the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby: 
Watch the video below for more information about antenatal care at UHCW: 
  • Maternity reception: 024 7696 7421
  • Community Midwifery Services: 024 7696 7424 8.00am - 4.00pm (out of hours please contact labour ward)
  • Antenatal Clinic (Coventry): 024 7696 7350
  • Antenatal Clinic (Rugby): 01788 545145
  • Scan Department: 024 7696 7348
  • Labour Ward Triage: 024 7696 7333
  • Special Care Baby Unit: 024 7696 6674
  • Hospital Switchboard: 024 7696 4000
  • Ambulance: Coventry 01384 215520 or Rugby 01926 885050.

Advice on when to call your GP or the hospital if you are feeling unwell or experiencing bleeding


During the early stages of pregnancy – up to 12 weeks:

  • Morning sickness can be very common in pregnancy. However, if you are continuously experiencing sickness and feel unwell contact your GP.
  • If you are bleeding, speak to your doctor or visit A&E.

If you are between 12 and 16 weeks pregnant:

  • If you experience any bleeding, contact your GP or visit A&E.

After 16 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Please contact the triage unit in Maternity by calling 02476 967333.
  • Other concerns at any stage of your pregnancy
  • Please contact the maternity department if you have any of the following concerns and/or symptoms:
  • If your baby’s pattern of movements has changed
  • If you think your waters may have broken
  • If you have any bleeding
  • If you have a headache that does not resolve with paracetamol
  • If you are experiencing any visual disturbances
  • If you have any swelling of your hands and/or feet
  • If you have itchy hands and/or feet
  • If you are feeling generally unwell.

If you think you are in labour, please call 02476 967333.

  • If you are having two or more contractions within 10 minutes, they are regular in pattern and they are lasting between 30-40 seconds
  • If you are finding it hard to manage at home or if you have any concerns.

If your baby is not moving normally, please call triage as soon as possible on 02476 967333.