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Contacting the hospital

At any time during your pregnancy or following the birth of your baby within the first 28 days, please telephone the hospital if you are concerned or have any problems.

If any of the following occur, please telephone Maternity Triage on 024 7696 7333 and speak to a midwife immediately:


  • Your waters break
  • You have any vaginal bleeding
  • Painful contractions commence at regular intervals.
  • You have any severe headaches, visual disturbances, i.e. spots or flashing before the eyes, or vomiting.
  • Your baby is not moving as much as usual or in a different pattern.
  • Your fingers and feet become excessively swollen



  • You have a significant increase in your blood loss and/or passing large clots
  • If you suspect your baby is ill please call 111 for advice
  • If you think your baby’s life is in danger telephone 999


Important phone numbers

Labour Ward Triage: 024 7696 7333

Antenatal Clinic (Coventry): 024 7696 7350

Antenatal Clinic (Rugby): 01788 545145

Maternity reception: 024 7696 7421

Scan Department: 024 7696 7348

Special Care Baby Unit: 024 7696 6674

Hospital Switchboard: 024 7696 4000

Community Midwifery Services: 024 7696 7424 8.00am - 4.00pm (out of hours please contact labour ward on the number at the top of this list)

Ambulance: Coventry 01384 215520 or Rugby 01926 885050