Getting started (bottle feeding)

If you choose to bottle feed your baby, please find the links on the support page which include the Department of Health Leaflet and the How to sterilise your equipment leaflet. It is also important to remember that this Trust no longer supplies formula milk for bottle-fed babies.

Download information on feeding your baby while in hospital

We encourage you to hold your baby in skin to skin contact as soon as possible. This should ideally last for an hour or more and can help with maintaining baby’s temperature and bonding. You may want to bottle feed your baby whilst having some skin to skin contact. Please ask the midwife who is caring for you to help you with this.

If you are unsure of how to hold your baby to feed, please ask a member of staff. We have facilities for you to store your cartons of milk whilst on the wards. We will also supply you with sterile bottles and teats to make this easier for you. To support you further, we are holding demonstrations for making up feeds and sterilising. These will be held during the morning and afternoon and you will be invited to attend. At these sessions you will be given written information for you to take home. It is also important that you read the manufacturers instructions for your sterilising equipment as they are all different.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with any aspects of feeding your baby, it is important to remember that our staff are available to support you.