Having your baby (Antenatal care)

The choices of care that we offer are:

Home Birth

This is arranged through your community midwife and a supervisor of midwives. The community midwife carries out antenatal care at your GP’s surgery or in your home. If complications arise in labour you can be transferred in to hospital.

Low Risk Care

If you are low risk in this pregnancy you can spend the early part of labour at home.

Contact your midwife or Maternity Triage to discuss the best time to attend the maternity unit.

Birth Pool

There is a birth pool on the Labour Ward. During your pregnancy you can discuss your suitability for using the birth pool with your midwife. The midwives on the Labour Ward will assist and advise you regarding the use of the pool during your labour and birth.

Water is the first choice for pain relief in a normal labour. Using the birthing pool enables you to move around freely and maintain an upright position to facilitate normal birth. It can help to prevent the use of drugs during labour to enable you to have a more a natural experience.

Consultant/shared care (high risk)

Your antenatal care is shared between the hospital obstetrician, your community midwife and your GP. You give birth to your baby on the labour ward at University Hospital. The antenatal care is provided in the Maternity Unit, in the community or at the Hospital of St Cross. Your clinic time will be on your appointment card. The scanning department is situated in the antenatal clinic.