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K2 - My Pregnancy Notes

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Why should I use 'My Pregnancy Notes'?

This tool allows you to access your notes wherever and whenever you wish and communicate better with your clinicians.

My Pregnancy Notes will allow you to be more involved in your care and provide your clinicians with more information than ever about you preferences. It will enable you access to up to date information about your care and the leaflets and information you need, whenever you need it.

Your clinician may also discuss the need to monitor a part of your care (Blood pressure, Temperature etc.). If this is the case, they will discuss this with you, and you will be able to enter these observations straight into your notes, which can be seen in real time by your clinician.


What can I do on 'My Pregnancy Notes'?

My Notes:

  • Welcome page with advice on when to call your midwife courtesy of MAMA Academy.
  • Add information to your notes including questions or maternity certificates.
  • Read and review your medical notes for pregnancy care and admission episodes.

My Health:

  • Record a private diary.
  • Add observations if you have been asked to by your clinician.

My Preferences/information and Settings:

  • Add in preferences for your pregnancy and birth.
  • Access information leaflets and links.
  • Take control of some of the things you see in your notes.


Registering for 'My Pregnancy Notes'

You will only need to register for My Pregnancy Notes once. For future pregnancies and if you choose to have your care with us, you will be able to create a new pregnancy linked to your account. 

  • Open web browser on PC/Tablet/Phone
  • launch
  • Click Register
  • Click I am a pregnant woman
  • Complete registration Details
    • Your email will become your username
  • Click Verify Email
  • Navigate to your email
  • Open email
  • Click Verify Email
  • Create Password
  • Click Complete Registration
  • You will be asked to complete a registration form for this pregnancy
  • Click Complete Registration
  • Complete form
  • Select University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
  • Complete data sharing consent (if you do not wish to share data please discuss this with your Midwife. What your data is used for will be discussed with you).
  • Click Submit


Add 'My Pregnancy Notes' to your homescreen

iOS (Safari)

  • Select the action button
  • Scroll down and select add to home screen
  • Click add

Android (Chrome)

  • Select the action button
  • Scroll down and select add to home screen
  • Click add


Why are we giving you access to your notes online?

All pregnant women who book for maternity care at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust are now able to access their My Pregnancy Notes online!

This web-based portal will allow you to view your maternity notes securely online, from booking until being discharged from maternity care.

This new online service will enable you to:

  • Record your Personalised Care Plan.
  • Note down any questions you wish to ask your Midwife at your next appointment.
  • Add notifications, for example changing GPs or moving away from area.
  • Access leaflets and information.
  • Add Your Maternity Exemption Certificate and MAT B1.
  • Be remotely monitored, if suitable.


Read the 'My Pregnancy Notes' Patient Information leaflet, here.