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Preparing for Labour and Birth at Lucina Birth Centre

General things to bring with you:

• Green Notes
• Birth Plan
• Toiletries
• Sanitary Towels
• Disposable/ Old Underwear
• Nighties/ Pyjamas/ Comfortable clothing
• Slippers
• Nursing Bra/ Breast Pads
• Money – for car parking and so on.

Useful things for labour:

• Isotonic/ High energy drinks i.e Powerade, Lucozade sport
• High energy snacks
• Face cloth
• Comfortable clothing
• Lip Balm
• Hair Band
• Music – We have the facilities to play CD’s
• Camera

Useful things if you are wishing to use the birthing pool:

• Lightweight clothing/ Bikini Top/ Bra
• Small Plastic Sieve
• Travel pillow – to rest your head on whilst in the pool

For Baby:

• Nappies
• Cotton Wool
• Vest & Baby grow
• Hats
• Blankets
• Ready made starter pack formula – if not wishing to breastfeed
• Car seat – to be bought in once sure of discharge home.