Your first appointment


Not sure of the choices you have available, please consult with your midwife.

At the first visit you will have an opportunity to discuss your pregnancy with your midwife who will take details of your family, personal and medical history, together with any previous pregnancies you may have had, they will also explain the routine screening procedures and examinations which will be offered to you and take place throughout your pregnancy.

Urine Tests

Remember to bring a fresh specimen of urine in a suitable container to each antenatal visit.

Blood pressure

Your blood pressure will be recorded at each visit.

Abdominal examination

This is to make sure your baby is growing normally and lying in the correct position.

Blood Tests

These are performed to find out your blood group, haemoglobin
level (blood count), immunity to rubella (German Measles) and other tests. You will also be offered tests for Hepatitis B and Syphilis. All tests will be explained to you and supported by written information.

HIV screening

This is now offered routinely to all pregnant women. Although it is rare,
if found to be positive you could have treatment that would reduce the risk of your baby being infected. Your midwife will discuss this test with you and you will have the option of accepting or declining the test.

Breast feeding advice 

The midwives will give you information and advice regarding the benefits of breastfeeding, how to initiate breastfeeding and where to find support in the community.

General Advice

Diet, exercise and your total health care will also be discussed with you.

Vitamin supplementation

Vitamin K and vitamin supplementation will be discussed early in pregnancy.

Please make any special requests for your care known to us so that your pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care will be as safe and happy as possible.

If you have any questions that occur during your pregnancy, do not hesitate to ask the midwives. You may wish to write a Birth Plan or complete the mother’s page in your hand held notes.