A message for all of our patients coming into hospital for an operation or procedure.

Thank you for choosing to be treated at our Trust and thank you for following all of the guidance we have given you if you are coming into hospital for surgery or a procedure. We have updated our guidance, in line with national recommendations.

This might mean that the advice about shielding and self-isolation steps we asked you to take ahead of surgery has changed.

Patients on the Green Pathway at University Hospital and Hospital of St Cross, Rugby will be categorised depending on the type of surgery they are having. Your appointment letter will advise which category you fall into and advise on the measures you should be taking before your appointment.

· If you have been categorised as ‘Green’ you will be asked to socially distance for the first eleven days and ‘self isolate’ for four days ahead of their admission date.

· More vulnerable patients will be categorised as ‘Ultra Green’ and will be advised to ‘self isolate’ for 14 days.

· Attend a pre-operative admission appointment 72 hours ahead of your surgery to have a COVID-19 swab and confirm that you have maintained the correct period of social distancing and shielding. You will only be contacted should you test positive for COVID-19.

If we have already booked your operation or procedure and have asked you to shield for 14 days, please can you continue to do so.