Alethea supports campaign to get patients up and moving

93-year-old Alethea knows only too well the benefits of getting out of her hospital bed and getting dressed.

After a fall, she was taken to University Hospital, Coventry where ward staff have been encouraging and supporting her to sit out of her bed and to wear her own clothes.

Now she is on the road to recovery and is looking forward to getting back to the flower arranging she enjoys doing for display for her nursing home.

Alethea is one of the thousands of hospital patients across the country who being encouraged and supported to get out up and put their own clothes on as part of a national campaign to end ‘PJ Paralysis’.

PJ Paralysis or deconditioning syndrome, remaining in bed, dressed in night clothes can delay recovery. Experts say that 10 days’ bed rest can cause the equivalent of 10 years’ aging on the muscles of an 80-year-old. This can increase the risk of falls, harms such as pressure ulcers, infections and blood clots) and restrictions to everyday independent life and mobility.

At University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust ward staff are taking part in the national campaign to encourage patients, particularly those who are older to get up and dressed during the day and then into chairs.

Patient Alethea said: “Getting out of bed has made me feel a lot better. Staff are wonderful helping me to get mobile again and I am looking forward to going home.”

Nina Fraser, Chief Nursing Officer said: “We know how important it is for patients to feel comfortable and dignified when they are in hospital and this is why we are supporting this campaign to help patients who are able to, to get dressed and to get out of bed. Relatives can help us by ensuring that their loved one has some of their own clothes of their own to change into whilst they are in hospital. I am delighted that Alethea feels much better now and is reaping the benefits of this campaign.”

The 70 Days campaign is running from April 17until July 5, to coincide with the 70th birthday celebration for the NHS.