App-y days ahead for new mums in Coventry

New mums in Coventry are set to benefit from a brand new phone app designed to help them during the first stages of parenthood.

The Baby Buddy app, designed by the child health charity Best Beginnings was launched on Friday to give new mums advice through pregnancy and the first six months of a baby’s life. The app, which allows mums to create a virtual buddy who can offer them advice on giving their child the best start in life, explains crucial issues like breastfeeding, the baby’s weight and how your baby is growing in and out of the womb.

In addition, it also gives set of educational videos are available through the app, as well as a diary to plan important appointments. Downloadable for free on Androids and iPhones, the app will be promoted in local children’s centres, as well as through health professionals and midwives.

Coventry Co-ordinator and Community Midwifery Modern Matron, Lisa Maycock said:

“Pregnancy and having a new born child can be a daunting time for any parent. Questions about what is happening to your body and what to expect when the baby arrives are only normal.

"Those worries can be a barrier for some parents who left not knowing the best way to look after their child and themselves, which has an effect on both of them in the long term. This app appears to answer a lot of those frequently asked questions, while at the same time providing a virtual friend to refer to in tough times. I’m really enthusiastic about the benefit that this technology can have on every parent to help give children a better start so that they can go to fulfil their potential in future life.”

CEO of Best Beginnings Alison Baum said: “We are serious in our mission to support families from all backgrounds to give their babies the best possible start. We’ve dived into the digital space because this is what families have told us they want. As they say “Apps is where it's at”, but this is no ordinary app.

"We’ve had a huge amount of input from parents and professionals. Through this, and with a clear vision of what is possible, we’ve created something that has never been done before. Baby Buddy is unique in its combination of endorsed content, friendly chatty style, its practical and interactive features, and in the ways it is being used. An enormous amount of work has gone into the development of Baby Buddy and I’m absolutely thrilled that the app is now available for families to use across the country.”