Award winning Artist creates beautiful mural at University Hospital

Artist Lynne has created an impressive nature inspired mural in the Arden Cancer Centre in University Hospital. She created the artwork over a 24 hour period, which was organised by Healing Arts Team at the hospital Trust in conjunction with University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire Charity (UHCW Charity).

Lynne Hollingsworth created the mural to welcome staff, patients and visitors to the centre at the Hospital. She donated her own time to paint the mural, and chose the Arden Centre specifically in memory of her late father, Harold.

When her father was receiving cancer treatment elsewhere in the country, she found that as good as the staff were, the hospital space was really plain and clinical, and she wanted to do something to improve the experience for other patients and relatives.

Lynne mocks up a basic design for her murals and adds details as she goes. In this mural she added a robin in memory of her father.

Artist Lynne at University HospitalLynne said: “My aim was to make the spaces feel less-clinical.

“The corridor spaces have no windows so I wanted to do a design that would bring the outside in, I used motifs and themes form the natural world.

“The mural enhancement will also help with wayfinding and I hope it will enjoyed by staff and patients."

Linda Farthing, Radiation Therapy Manager Arden Cancer Centre said: “Everyone is really pleased with the mural, and how it has brightened the space.

“It’s far more welcoming than a blank corridor wall and completely changes the atmosphere. Some people pick out the different greens and purples, whilst others focus on the butterfly shapes.

“All in all it’s a wonderful addition to the other skylight murals that Lynne created for us and our patients last summer

Mel Gittins, Senior Radiographer said: “There have been lots of positive comments from patients; it’s the first thing they see.

“It creates a calming, peaceful entrance, it’s non-clinical and friendly. It has also helped with patient orientation, they know where they are, and can find their treatment machines and the exit”

Eileen Rock, Head of Charity said: “We are most grateful to Lynne for selflessly dedicating 24 non-stop hours of her time to produce the mural.

“Lynne’s hard work, energy and wonderful creativity have certainly paid off.

“The colourful, relaxing and calming vision created will be enjoyed and appreciated by patients, families and staff within the Arden Centre”