Baby Sienna born thanks to Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Meet baby Sienna, one of over 200 babies conceived last year as a result of successful treatment at our Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRM).

Her proud new parents Lara and Matt had been trying to conceive for three years before they were referred to University Hospital’s specialist fertility centre.

Doctors here were able to diagnose Lara with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Matt with a low sperm count.
Before starting their first course of IVF, the couple from Warwick, were warned that the Lara’s eggs were the quality of someone much older even though she was just 23.

When her eggs were retrieved, there was only one embryo that was suitable to be transferred into her womb.
However, despite the low odds, two weeks later the couple had a positive pregnancy test they could have only have dreamt of.

Sienna was born weighing 8lb 6ozs at University Hospital, Coventry.

Lara said: “Mr Keay and the team at the CRM were fantastic and I cannot thank them enough. Without them we wouldn’t have our little girl for that we are eternally grateful.”

Head of Embryology, Ben Lavender said: “We have recently been achieving excellent pregnancy rates in the CRM. For our patients under 37 who had embryo transfer in 2016 we have seen a 56% pregnancy rate. Most of these patients have a single embryo transferred as Lara and Matt did; this cuts down the chances of a twin pregnancy but still results in almost half of couples achieving the pregnancy they so desperately want".