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Celebrations for UHCW's first ever Nursing Associates as they complete training

Celebrations have taken place at UHCW to mark the first ever cohort of Nursing Associates successfully reaching the end of their training. 

The seven trailblazers were giving the opportunity to reflect on two years of hard work and sacrifice. 

Amy Billington spoke on behalf of the Nursing Associates: "This has been a truly amazing experience for all of us. We can honestly say we underestimated what a challenge it would be but we have had some wonderful highlights including visiting the Nursing Times HQ, attending the 2018 OSCAs ceremony and for me personally being nominated for Trainee Nursing Associate of the Year." 

Each of the magnificent seven reflected on their own training. This included working in the Myton Hospice, support received from colleagues, being thrown in the deep end in A&E, working in community teams and having the opportunity to develop their careers.

Amy concluded by saying: "By far the biggest highlight for all of us was making the most incredible friends for life."

Chief Nursing Officer Nina Morgan paid tribute to the Nursing Associates: "We are incredibly proud of all of you. Its an understatement to say it wasn't easy and you have all come a long way. 

"As a Trust we have embraced the TNA course and have made sure we can utilise your wonderful skills to help improve patient care."

The TNAs were also given some wonderful feedback from colleagues, with themes including their professionalism, knowledge and caring nature.

Karen Mogan, who has mentored the TNAs, was presented with her own memento of the past two years to ensure she never forgets them. We are pretty sure she won't.

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