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Discover what it’s like working in our Trauma and Orthopaedics ward at the Hospital of St Cross

This February we’re shining a spotlight on some of our amazing Trauma and Orthopaedic Nurses at UHCW NHS Trust to give you an insight into some of the different careers available across our two sites in Coventry and Rugby.

Claire, a Clinical Sister at the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby, joined the orthopaedic ward (Cedar Ward) after the care she received when her first child was born prematurely inspired her to start a career in nursing.

Claire said: “When my son was born premature he was put on a special care baby ward, and during a distressing situation one of the nurses calmed me down and acted as an advocate for us both. She was like a hero to me and it was at that moment that I aspired to become a nurse.

“I went on to complete an Adult Nursing course at University and undertook all my student placements at the Hospital of St Cross. During this time I loved my experience on Cedar Ward so I asked to work there when I joined UHCW NHS Trust as a newly qualified nurse in 2012.

“Cedar Ward specialises in trauma and orthopaedic care. We work on the elective side, a faster paced environment where we’ll take care of patients after a pre-planned major surgery and the trauma side; where we’ll support patients for a more pro-longed length of time whilst they are recovering from an operation as a result of a trauma, such as a fall or a car accident.

“I enjoy moving between both sides of the ward and having the opportunity to support a variety of patients with getting back to their day-to-day lives.

“Patients can be quite vulnerable after theatre so helping someone who has been unable to walk or do the things they enjoy to improve their mobility and seeing them leave independently is such a rewarding experience”.

After four years on Cedar Ward, Claire transferred to the hospital’s Theatre department to take on a new challenge and broaden her skillset. In 2020, she became a Clinical Sister and returned to Cedar Ward, where she now coordinates and supervises junior staff alongside carrying out patient care.

Claire encourages others who are looking to take their first steps into nursing to join her at the Hospital of St Cross.

She added: “I love working at the Hospital of St Cross, we’re like a family here - you get to know everyone and we’re all there for each other. The support network is excellent and I know I can always speak to management if I have any issues.

“There are so many opportunities to progress and learn. I get a lot of fulfilment in my career and can see myself staying here for a very long time!”

If you’re inspired to start a career as a Trauma and Orthopaedic nurse, you can view our current vacancies by visiting

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