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Friends of St Cross Volunteers honoured with a prestigious award

Volunteers from the Friends of St Cross have received an honour from the High Sheriff of Warwickshire, Joe Greenwell CBE DL, in recognition of great and valuable services to the community.

Mr Greenwell attended the Friends Board meeting via Zoom to present the High Sheriff's Award which also recognises the appreciation of the residents and people of the High Sheriff’s County for activity and contribution to enhancing the life of the community.

Willy Goldschmidt, Chairman of the Friends of St Cross, said: “On behalf of the trustees and volunteers of the Charity I would like to thank you and the Lord Lieutenant for the honours you have bestowed upon the Charity.

“We all feel we are making a difference for the patients that use the services at the Hospital of St Cross and are delighted to work in partnership with the great team in the Hospital.”

Mr Greenwell said: “When I take into account the contribution to your community over decades and then we add to that what you have done over the last year, [co-ordinating the Rugby PPE Response and resuming volunteering services at the hospital over the last nine months] the significance of what you are doing is quite extraordinary and so I have no hesitation in making the Award of a High Sheriff’s Award to the Friends of St Cross.”

The High Sheriff then read the citation and commented on the scale and benefit to the community of the projects discussed by the Board and the partnership between the hospital management and the Charity.

He added: “I know that behind the Board there is a team or even an army of volunteers and I ask that you pass on the appreciation of the County, the Lord Lieutenant and the High Sheriff to all the volunteers and those associated with the Friends. It has been an extraordinary effort over a long period of time. Thank you.”

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