Lisa remembers her nursing wartime heroes

UHCW nurse Lisa Warden with family photoNursing is a family affair for University Hospital nurse Lisa Warden as she remembers her Grandmother and Great Grandmother who were nurses during both world wars this Remembrance Day.

Lisa’s Great Grandmother, Nurse Cambell, served as a nurse during the Great War, nursing wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Following the war, she went on to marry and start a family with one of the soldiers she cared for.

Her daughter Ella, Lisa’s Grandmother, followed in her footsteps and nursed injured soldiers back to health but this time during the Second World War. Ella was stationed in Wiltshire and spent time working on a Ward 11, which by coincidence is the same ward Lisa works on at University Hospital.

Lisa credits her grandmother as her nursing inspiration, after spending time as a child listening to her stories of working as a nurse and the difference she made to hundreds of soldiers during the war.

Lisa said: “I’m immensely proud of the work they did as it mustn’t have been easy caring for injured and sick soldiers but they did their best to treat them, in the same way I do today at University Hospital.”

Ward 11 photo (Nurse Ella, back row, second right)“I love looking back at old photos, thinking about what it would have been like being a nurse back then, and just seeing how much the uniforms have changed is incredible.”

Lisa started her nurse training at the old Walsgrave Hospital in 1990 and began caring for heart patients after she qualified in 1993, and has worked across a range of units and wards within the Cardiothoracic Department at University Hospital, Coventry.

Later this month Lisa will be celebrating her 26 years of dedicated service in the NHS when she attends the Trust’s Long Service Awards.

Lisa added: “I think nursing is much more personal nowadays, we’re really connected to our patients and their families and actively engage with them about their treatment to ensure the best possible care.”

Photo captions

Top: Lisa Warden with family photos outside Ward 11 at University Hospital.

Middle: Lisa's Grandmother with Ward 11 staff during World War II (Nurse Ella, back row, second right).

Bottom: Lisa's Great Grandmother (left) and Grandmother (right).