Man whose heart stopped thanks NHS staff

Duncan is lucky to be alive. When the largest artery in his body tore, blood filled his chest causing his heart to stop - twice.

The last thing the 50-year-old from Rugby can remember is being at his friend’s house.

He collapsed and his friend began CPR until he was rushed by ambulance to University Hospital where he was stabilised by the Emergency Department team. As a Major Trauma Centre, the hospital is used to receiving patients like Duncan who are critically ill. He was taken to the operating theatre where Cardiothoracic Consultant Surgeon Tom Barker and the  theatre team operated on him for 12 hours. His family was told that he had a 50% chance of surviving the operation but he would have died without it. Duncan was in a coma for 10 days on our Cardiothoracic Care Unit where he was nursed back to health.

After three and a half weeks, Duncan was able to go home. He is set to go back to work next month. Duncan said: “My friend who did CPR on me, the ambulance crew, the emergency department doctors and nurses, healthcare assistants, the operating theatre staff, the porters, the people who work in the labs, physiotherapists, catering staff and last but not least, Mr Barker and the angels who work on the cardiothoracic critical care unit, I just want you to know how grateful I am, you are amazing and I am still here because of you. Thank you.”

If you want to be part of the incredible team that got Duncan back on his feet, we are looking for two Cardiothoracic Advanced Critical Care Practitioners. This is an exciting new role to our hospitals and is open to nurses or physiotherapists, click here for more information. For other vacancies at the Trust click here.