Multi-Disciplinary working group set up to improve end-to-end tracheostomy care and support

In the first of its kind at UHCW, a Multi-Disciplinary tracheostomy working group has been established with the aim of improving end-to-end tracheostomy care and support to improve patient outcomes from this complex procedure.

Mr Shashi Prasad, Head and Neck Consultant Surgeon and lead clinician on the new working group, explained what the introduction of the group hopes to achieve.

He said: "Overall we want to enhance patient experience and outcomes when they need to undergo a tracheostomy, this will be achieved through the introduction of regular Multi-Disciplinary Team discussions and ward rounds across the Trust where valuable learning and information can be shared to improve the overall process.

"Patients will benefit by services working together closer to facilitate better discharge, enhance coordination with the community and reduce re-admission rates with tracheostomy associated complications."

As well as providing benefits for patients the group aims to improve the way the Trust delivers complex tracheostomy care, inter-links with specialties and plans routine care of long-term tracheostomy.

This important piece of work will also target improving cost-effectiveness of care as well as developing the promotion of training and education for healthcare professions involved in tracheostomy care. 

This work mirrors the standard of care in other centres and feeds into the National Patient Safety programme, with hopes of incorporating the recruitment of a tracheostomy Care Practitioner to coordinate discharge and community liaison for seamless patient journey across primary and secondary care.