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Image relating to National ODP Day - meet Simulation Practitioner Katherine Phillips

National ODP Day - meet Simulation Practitioner Katherine Phillips

Today marks National ODP Day - a day on which we celebrate the work of all our wonderful UHCW Operating Departmental Practitioners.

ODPs look after patients on their journey through surgery in our operating theatres and are trained in three key areas; Anaesthetics, the operations itself (scrub) and patient recovery.

Simulation Practitioner Katherine Phillips, a registered ODP at UHCW for the past eight years, kindly agreed to tell us more about her role.

Best thing about being an ODP: It’s a fascinating, diverse role and a privilege to be part of a fast-paced dynamic team that cares for patients through the perioperative process.  The skills and broad experience I gained as an ODP are now being utilised in an educational role.

Most challenging part about being an ODP: Having courage to take a leap of faith and step away from your comfort zone to try new opportunities so you are continuously professionally developing. 

Three traits of a good ODP: Excellent communicator, having courage to challenge yourself and those around you with respect, being able to transfer your skillset and utilise it in different areas, whether in a clinical or learning environment.

Career Highlights: Becoming a Simulation Practitioner as an ODP and the Simulation Team winning an Outstanding Care Award (OSCA) last year for Educator of the Year.

Sum up your job in one word: Diverse

Advice for anyone thinking of becoming an ODP: It’s a fascinating role in which your valued skills and knowledge can be used in other areas of healthcare and there are plenty of other opportunities for ODPs, not just clinically. I’m just in awe of the great work we do in the NHS and the fantastic dedicated staff that I’m lucky enough to work with. Some of the experiences we have and the range of emotions experienced in a shift is vast. Go for it!

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