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NHS 70 - Sign of the times

It’s been fantastic this week to look back at all the achievements in the NHS over the last 70 years.


Yesterday at University Hospital on the NHS’ birthday, there was a sign of how the NHS and medical careers have come since 1948.


We had three scrubbed female surgeons in a complex case in Neuro theatres. This is a really unusual occurrence in the NHS, but one that we want to make less unusual!


Here’s (left to right) Mrs Judith Stocker, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon, Miss Saqiba Jadoon, Neurosurgery SpR, and Miss Sylvia Tene, Neurosurgical Registrar.


Surgery was traditionally thought of as a male-dominated field, but we’re proud to employ a number of top female surgical consultants in the Trust.


In fact, last week, ITV Central came to University Hospital to film another female surgical consultant, Miss Jo Skillman, who was recently named in the Daily Mail as one of the best breast surgeons in the country. We’re hoping the piece is going to be on tonight’s show at 6pm on ITV1 (Central region)!


There are increasing numbers of female surgeons in training on consultant pathway, so in the future we can have an even more diverse surgical workforce!