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Image relating to Soundtrack for Life: Heart-warming scheme lets parents pick music to play during delivery

Soundtrack for Life: Heart-warming scheme lets parents pick music to play during delivery

A new initiative created by staff at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UCHW) NHS Trusts provides a unique musical experience for parents a who undergo caesarean section.

Called ‘Soundtrack for Life’, this already popular trial scheme lets parents pick a favourite song to be played during delivery and a bespoke card which is hand-signed by the staff involved in the patient’s journey through UHCW’s maternity services.

The card is specifically signed by all the theatre staff involved in the caesarean section, as well as including the names of the Scrub Nurse, Surgeon, Assistant and Midwife who the new-born baby saw first.

“Soundtrack for Life made such a massive difference to us,” said mum Victoria Wormall, who, with Harry Style’s As It Was playing in the background, welcomed baby Vaughan to the world.

“It really felt like there was human connection between us rather than it just being a procedure.

“To read the card, which has the name of the song that was playing, and the names of the first people Vaughan saw when he entered the world… it’s something that I know we’ll keep and always treasure.

“Everyone here has been absolutely amazing and made us feel so special.”

Despite only launching recently, Soundtrack for Life has already proved to be an incredibly popular initiative with our parents and the members of staff who are involved in delivery.

The inspiration for this special initiative came from Professor of Obstetrics, Steve Thornton.

“I came up with the idea of Soundtrack for Life while I was driving home after work,” Steve said.

“The theatre staff at UHCW have been incredible supportive in helping to turn this idea into a reality. I’m not sure it could have been done without them. They have been instrumental.

“Adding the card was a way of allowing our patents to fondly remember the first song their new-born baby ever heard, as well as building that relationship with our wonderful theatre staff.

“We’ve only recently started Soundtrack for Life, but it has been really popular with our patients and our staff. There’s been such a range of requests already from our patents, from Coldplay to Steps – even Slade’s ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ has been on during a delivery!

“It’s still early days, but it’s something which I hope will be embraced by the rest of maternity services across the UK so all parents can take home this special gift.”

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