St Cross staff roll up their sleeves to give blood

Caring staff from the Hospital of St Cross have been donating blood at the Benn Hall in a bid to save patients’ lives.

The Bowel Cancer Screening team decided to make the outing as a team to make sure there are enough blood supplies for the area.

The team is supporting NHS Blood and Transplant’s call to blood donors across Coventry and Warwickshire as each blood donation will save or improve the lives of up to three people.

To register as a new blood donor visit

Lucie Mercer, Senior Screening Administrator, who organised the team attending the event said: “My main reason for becoming a donor last year is that I would have lost both my parents if it wasn’t for people that donate blood.

“I have and still have a huge fear of needles but the fear of losing my parents was so much worse I decided I wanted to give back what they had received, and also what had saved their lives.

“Giving blood, it’s the best gift to give.”


Angela Little, Bowel Cancer Screening Hub Manager said: “I was very supportive of Lucie’s request to organise this event. 

“Her enthusiastic and supportive approach has seen members of the team who were previously nervous or unsure about giving blood signing up to do so alongside their colleagues.

“Blood donation is crucial and something we are all likely to benefit from either directly or in the treatment of a loved one.”

Shailesh Mistry, Regional Donor Marketing Operations Manager said: “We are delighted that St Cross staff are supporting blood donation. We always need new people in Warwickshire to start donating blood to ensure that stocks across the country are healthy now and in the future.

“New donors are always needed and you could help those who need blood as part of ongoing cancer treatment as well as those who need blood during emergency surgery or childbirth.

“We hope that people will be inspired to donate with the knowledge that their donations save lives and that it is an easy thing to do.”