Trust’s annual Baby Memorial Service to take place on Sunday, February 25

Parents who have lost a baby or small child this year are invited to UHCW’s annual Baby Memorial Service.


This year’s service will take place on Sunday, February 25, at 4pm in the Faith Centre on the ground floor of University Hospital, Coventry.


Simon Betteridge, Lead Chaplain & Bereavement Services Manager said: “I hope this service will help parents reflect on their loss, but also gain support from other families in the same situation. Losing a child is a difficult experience for any family to cope with and this is one way in which we can offer support.”


“They will see that there are other families experiencing the same as them, but also that there a groups of people wanting to support and help them.”


The service will last just over half an hour and there will be opportunities for families to take part in acts of remembrance for their baby.


Although the service will be broadly Christian, it is open to families from all faiths. The Faith Centre also has Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Roman Catholic and other Christian prayer rooms which will be available for all to use.


Refreshments will be served following the service and the bereavement midwives and other nursing staff who families may have had contact with will be there too.


Those families who have an entry in the Baby Memorial book will also have an opportunity to look at their entry.


In order to help the Chaplaincy team with its planning, if anyone is intending to come to the service please can they contact Simon Betteridge at or call 024 7696 7511.