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Image relating to Trust staff share expertise to help launch trauma centre in India

Trust staff share expertise to help launch trauma centre in India

UHCW staff have shared their expertise to help launch a centre of excellence in trauma and emergency care in India.
The Apex Trauma and Emergency Learning Centre – the first of its kind in the country – has opened in Kerala, India with UHCW as its Knowledge Partner.
The centre proposes to train up to 9,000 doctors, nurses and paramedics in the essential principles of trauma and emergency care within the next 18 months.
It is the first time a UK NHS Trust has had a formal partnership with a state Government in India to further knowledge and education in this area.
The concept originated from a visit of the Kerala Minister of Health and Social Justice, KK Shylaja Kumari, to UHCW and the University of Warwick in 2017.
The aim of the visit to the Trust’s Major Trauma Centre was to understand the triage, stabilisation, transport and treatment pathways involved in caring for patients affected by major trauma.
The tour of University Hospital included a visit to the WMSTC (West Midlands Surgical Training Centre), one of the best cadaveric training facilities in the UK that also provides training to Warwick medical students as well as to surgeons in training.
Consultant Surgeon, Vinod Menon, who was actively involved with the project, joined the launch via video link.
He said: “I’m thrilled to see this initiative come to fruition. This will have a major impact on the lives and livelihoods of the citizens in Kerala by standardising care and improving outcomes.”
A £1.4 million grant by Tata Trusts was matched by the Government of Kerala to fund the project.
The training techniques include a simulation-based system – using sophisticated and advanced mannequins, debriefing software solutions, learning management system, and smart classroom technology. Training and treatment protocols will also be shared by UHCW.
Our Chief Medical Officer, Professor Kiran Patel, said: “We very much look forward to a long lasting partnership.
“At UHCW we have a state-of-the-art surgical training centre which not only provides face-to-face training and education, but also has virtual capabilities to ensure that we can support global partnerships.”
Professor Andy Hardy, Chief Executive Officer, added: “We see this as a great example of good international collaboration and knowledge transfer.
“We look forward to this collaboration and indeed building upon it so that in future we may be able to develop mutual support and exchange programmes.”
The Government of Kerala is also setting up an advanced institute for laparoscopic, endoscopic and cardiology skills training on the same site and, with a strong relationship already established, WMSTC and UHCW will be key players there too.

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