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Image relating to UHCW Chief Executive joins experts around the world in forming plan for healthcare

UHCW Chief Executive joins experts around the world in forming plan for healthcare

The Chief Executive Officer at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust has contributed to a worldwide report considering how healthcare can bounce back stronger than ever following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Professor Andy Hardy, as a member of health data analytics company Beamtree’s Global Impact Committee (GIC), joined esteemed experts from America, Australia, Singapore, India and other countries to outline ways to potentially transform the patient and staff experience.

While priorities and perspectives vary from nation to nation, a united focus on healthcare quality and excellence is seen as a catalyst for positive change.

The report, aimed at care leaders and policy makers, outlines new ideas and technologies to potentially develop and considers how patient care, safety and experience can be delivered in an environment in which staff morale and well-being can also flourish.

Professor Hardy said: “Working across borders, not just in the UK but across the world, is critical for healthcare leaders. Effectively utilising up to date information and insights means teams can quickly adapt care and systems to deliver the best possible outcomes.

“Our research shows that health leaders share two core commitments: we must measure what matters to patients and we must ensure clinicians are connected to the best possible data. I hope this report adds weight to the argument that, in healthcare, better has no limit.”

Research from the GIC shows how people and technology can help develop new advances in quality. It recommends that data usage is accelerated and automation is used to improve clinical decision making, with patients becoming partners and communities carers.

It is an approach serving UHCW, which became the first teaching Trust in the country to eliminate the number of patients waiting more than 104 weeks for elective surgery, well.

Working directly with patients meeting the two-year threshold, the Trust’s surgical, diagnostic and operational teams have prioritised care based on clinical need, with a ground-breaking performance app allowing health inequalities to be highlighted efficiently and effectively.

The Trust also extended its successful partnership with the Seattle-based Virginia Mason Institute to embed lean methodology into the way it delivers and improves patient care.

Professor Hardy added: “Our new look strategy at UHCW states that better never stops. We are constantly learning and striving to improve, putting the patient and their experiences at the heart of everything we do. I am proud to have shared our learnings on a global level and hope it helps to lead healthcare into a new era of excellence.”

The Global Impact Committee’s report, which also considers the barriers of placing quality at the heart of healthcare systems, is available to view here.

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